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Seattle's newest Subaru dealer, located on Leary Way in Ballard. Come to the home of the Hassle- Free Experience.

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Do you think offsetting your carbon footprint is important?:

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

In addition to purchasing your car through your Carter Subaru Dealer, here are some other auto-related tips to reduce your Carbon Footprint:

  • Keep your car fully maintained. Cars that have are running smoothly get better gas mileage. Cars with properly inflated tires get better gas mileage. Better gas mileage equals less carbon emissions.
  • Turn off your motor whenever possible instead of letting your car idle.
  • Combine car trips, walk to the grocery store and carpool when you can. Driving only 25 miles less per week can reduce your carbon emissions by up to 1,500 pounds per year

Other things you can do around your house and during your daily routine to reduce your carbon footprint include:

  • Replace 10 60-watt incandescent light bulbs with 10 13-watt compact fluorescent bulbs. This can save up to 1,500 pounds of carbon emissions per year.
  • Recycle at least half of your potentially recyclable materials (paper, plastics, glass). This can save up to 2,400 pounds of carbon emissions per year.
  • Use cloth grocery bags to solve the 'paper or plastic' dilemma in the grocery store checkout line. It will also save you some money at the checkout line here in Seattle!
  • When you buy or replace a new appliance, make an effort to purchase one with a good energy efficiency rating.
  • Raise awareness of reducing energy and water with friends and family. Suggest that they install energy and water-saving technologies in homes, offices and commercial premises.
  • Convince everyone from your work colleagues to your baby sitter to plant trees.

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Threes for Trees!

Fans of all ages joined Storm players for beach volleyball, tree seed planting, lunch and great prizes.

35,000+ Trees

Since the start of Carter Motor's Carbon Neutral Program, over 35,000 trees have been planted in the Mountain To Sound Greenway. These trees will absorb tons of Carbon Dioxide a year when the are fully grown!