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Do you think offsetting your carbon footprint is important?:

Planting a Forest... One Test Drive at a Time

Climate change is a serious global issue caused largely when carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels. But there are things we can do about this important issue, like working toward carbon neutrality. Our commitment to doing something that off sets the 150+ cars that we sell monthly is our Carbon Neutral Project.

For each car test-driven at Carter Subaru, one tree will be planted in the Mountains to Sound Greenway, funded by Carter Motors. For each car purchased, three additional trees will be planted. So, if you test drive a car and buy it there will be four trees planted in the Greenway!

The idea is simple, to offset a year of the carbon emissions of your car, 4 trees have been planted (1 at your test drive and 3 upon purchase). Those trees will live their lives here locally in the Mountains to Sound Greenway, and will actively be absorbing tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Over their lives (average life of 70 years for Northwest trees), these 4 trees will absorb one year of carbon emissions of a car getting 21 miles to the gallon that is driven 12,000 miles.

Other benefits of the trees:
In addition to neutralizing greenhouse gases, these trees will also provide critical wildlife habitat.

These trees will also help in water storage. Forests act as sponges in times of heavy rain or snow, absorbing and then slowly releasing water, a critical function in decreasing flooding downstream.

This reduction in flooding helps protect fragile Northwest salmon habitat. Additionally, trees planted along streams and rivers help cool the water temperatures in these waterways to levels that keep salmon healthy.

Lastly, forested hillsides are a vital part of our Northwest identity. Through this partnership with the Mountains to Sound Greenway, we are ensuring that we will have permanently protected forests right on the edge of our cities for future generations. These forests are places where we will be able to hike and play forever.

Tree Planting Details:

  • Trees will be planted in the fall of each year in the Greenway corridor. Trees will be planted on public open space lands managed by local cities, King County, Washington State and the US Forest Service. Just a few examples of sites planted in past years by the Greenway Trust have been Lake Sammamish State Park, Snoqualmie Point Park, Issaquah Creek, Meadowbrook and Tollgate Farms and on old logging roads near Snoqualmie Pass.
  • Over 15 species of Northwest Native Trees will be planted, including Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Sitka Spruce, Red Alder and Western Hemlock.
  • The Greenway Trust will coordinate the planting each fall and hosts volunteer planting events. The Greenway welcomes individuals or groups to volunteer to transform landscapes. (To volunteer, visit the Mountains to Sound Greenway website for a list of events.)
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    Threes for Trees!

    Fans of all ages joined Storm players for beach volleyball, tree seed planting, lunch and great prizes.

    35,000+ Trees

    Since the start of Carter Motor's Carbon Neutral Program, over 35,000 trees have been planted in the Mountain To Sound Greenway. These trees will absorb tons of Carbon Dioxide a year when the are fully grown!